Bad Girl Kittina Does What Only Good Girls Do

Bad Girl Kittina Does What Only Good Girls Do


Check out this perky titted naughty babe Kittina as she turns you on and gives a quick handjob... It starts with her teasing as she always does. It is not up for debate that she is not the girl for everyone. But she has something about her. Might be her round ass? Or perky pierced tits? Maybe her short blonde hair? Not sure, but there is something there. Anyhow, when she is done with her tit-touching-teaser part she plays a bit with her pussy to warm up. Looks adequately hot when she puts her thong inside her pussy. But that panty quickly gets off and when she does it note her stomach abs. This girl does the gym regularly for sure! Well when she is totally naked to the butt - she puts her finger almost immediately inside her asshole AND pussy, simultaneously. Wow, that's the spirit girl! Sooner than later a dick casually appears in the picture and whilst she maintains eye contacts constantly. She is like - You like seeing me playing with your balls? Yeah, you like it don't you? I don't know if she has that sort of bad girl vibe that makeup does not cover. Maybe the piercings in her perky tits do it. But when she looks in the camera whilst rubbing the cock it is like puzzle to the mind. For some reason one would REALLY like to fuck that girl immediately. Like for punishing her - not just because she asks for it with her vibrant eye but because she acts like she really deserves it. Anyhow... She continues to lick those balls and rub that dick. Very much likeable how the drips of her saliva lands on the floor. Lubrication is there for sure. And after a very comfortable 30 minute session of handjob in various positions and different ways of fucking her mouth, it was time to explode. She knows her job - and milked that cock. The end game arrived on her face mostly, but most parts were swallowed immediately. Good girls deserve treats, but bad girls get punishment. Which one was that?
Length: 33:10
Published: 05 Feb 2023

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