Brixley Benz Have Her Car Towed Away And Being Lost

Brixley Benz Have Her Car Towed Away And Being Lost


All of a sudden someone is at the door. Who can it be? It turns out, a hot ebony chick it is - who had her car parked outside the day before. But that car is now gone for good... She wonders what could have happened? The guy, who opened the door immediately recalls a towtruck earlier today... Not lamenting on this for too long, she quickly notices what a big home that guy lives in. Something is odd - is that a studio? Are you shooting here - she poses these questions. You can notice in her eyes and body language how now she is aroused a bit. Probably she sees some opportunity here! But more on that later... The important for now is the car! How to solve that situation? The guy asks: ""Do you need help?"" She replies positively, she does need help. She repetedly mentions, how she has no money, implicating that maybe the guy can give her some money... He offered her a modelling job, and a business card - maybe things sink in in a bit, and they can work together. She looks VERY hot afterall, so she can be perfect for some ""modelling"" work. Some days later, our guy brings out the trash real quck, when this ebony girl appears again. She shares that she was checking out the site he gave info about, and she wants to work with him. That's shocking, but very good news!
Length: 51:29
Published: 14 Nov 2022

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