Condom Shopping With Tryout On Romana Ryder

Condom Shopping With Tryout On Romana Ryder


A random guy enters the sex shop to buy some condoms. The pleasant assistant is there to help her for sure. Shows all the different kinds of condoms they have in stock, so he can make an educated decision. It is suspicious though, that why this guy is there... Does not he have some background motivation? Like... is he fancy the girl in the shop? Afterall, when she brings out the goods to try it on, he is so quick to remove his pants. It is very likely that he was preparing for that encounter. Casually, Romanas boobs also come out from her bras, and she helps him to be hard, so the condom sample can be put on. She starts jerking his cock in an all professional - everything for the customer mentality. Once that cock is hard enough, she helps putting it on his dick with her mouth. They start with a red one. It is not a good fit, so next up is a green one. It is applied on his cock in a similar fashion, as the one before and it actually fits much better. She verifies if it is really a good fit by giving him a blowjob with the condom on. She really is into helping customers! They set that model aside, and tried a thickened purple one. Using a lube it slips on that dick in no time! Also passed the blowjob test. After various tests, the question pops up - how does that condom model perform in action? Only one way to find that out. Let's fuck! And since she really wants to make a sale... she bends on the bench with her legs wide open and boobs out. We knew that she is a hot little fucktoy for sure, but from that point of view, it just became apparent that she is hot as hell. The condom test (aka. intercourse) starts with missionary. During that he takes care of her boobs, not just her pussy. They quickly switch to doggy. To maintain aesthetics, they switch condoms of course, to sample a range of goods. But it is just sure, that right now this is not the main focus of this session anymore. Or was it at all from the beginning? Who is gold digging who? When Romana is on top of him, her great ass just jumps up and down on his dick. A perfect scenery! Unfortunately, they ran out quickly from the condoms to test, so the only logical step is... to finish without those condoms! They both became horny and such, so you know... Let's wrap things up. When she is in backward cowgirl on top of him, her great boobs finally and fully get released from her bra. Those tits are fake, but what an excellent job! Probably one set of the best of boobies around. Love to watch it all day long jumping up and down playfully. After various condomless positions, it ends up with a messy cumshot into her mouth. Being professionals, she spits that portion of sperm into an already used condom, and invites her customer over to the counter. Unfortunately, as it turns out that guy forgot his wallet at home so he promises to come back later with the money for the goods.
Length: 32:19
Published: 15 May 2021

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