We are in the studio again for todays scene on my website but this means you get to enjoy all of me while posing on a white background. My hard stunt cock is already waitin for me and as I undo my bra I get to work on his cock straight away! I use my hands and my mouth to pleasure him before things get even more frantic as I tickle his balls with my mouth and then get deep throated! He pulls my mouth right down so that his dick hits the back of my throat but I am good at this, so it doesn't phase me one bit! I climb on top of him and ride him while looking into the camera. I bet you wish this was you underneath me! Going from pussy to mouth, I carry on working his cock until he cums in my mouth, so I spit it right back out over his hard cock and play with it, enjoying every minute!
Length: 16:07
Published: 30 Sep 2017

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