Khloe Kapri Cheats Her Ass Off & Even Calls Her Man While Doing It 2 Loads!


Take a good look at Khloe Kapri. Underneath that ""conservative"" look she left the house in, the one she told her boyfriend she was wearing for an interview, lays a sheer, sexy, sexy bra-and-panty set. With thigh-high stockings. And a wet, wet cunt. You see, Khloe's a cheater. She's a lot like us...meaning dudes. Dudes who can't keep their dicks in their pants. Khloe can't keep from sharing her wet, pink cunt. That's a fact. Here's another fact: Khloe is a professional liar who will tell her boyfriend anything he wants to hear. Khloe's on a dick hunt, 24/7. All she wants to hard cock, whether it's in her hand, in her mouth, or in her sweet cunt. That and cum. She usually starts out ""slow"", meaning some ""J.O.E"" (jack off encouragement) when she first meets you...along with a handie. And sure, while you're at it, turn her face into a jizz target. ""Aim for my braces! The ones my boyfriend pays for!"" she'll coo, right before you bust a nut. Nothing Khloe loves more than fresh nut juice! In fact...the more loads, the better. While her boyfriend blows up her phone!! Yea, cause that's the way Khloe Kapri rolls.
Length: 23:05
Published: 28 Nov 2021

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