Teen Allie Jerk Fuck Stepdad & His Buddy Before A Golf Game 4 Huge Face Pop


I'm so lonely...what would it take for my step-daddy to change his plans to stay home and not go to the golf course with his best friend? Allie Addison whimpers...with her big, sad eyes staring straight at you. By the way, she's just crawled over to ask you that, and you know she's a little, um, co-dependent. That's the nice word. She's also a slut, and since you married her mother, well, things haven't been the same. Thank goodness you met her mom after Allie turned 18! This little minx has a cunt that's always wet, and when her mother isn't in the house, she's a prick-teaser that almost always turns into a prick-pleaser (unless mom comes home early!). But you never fuck...""hand job, as usual"", is what Allie always says before going to work on your shaft, milking the stress away. Today, she will entertain you and your long-time buddy...and no, you won't be making that tee time after all. But Allie will do a terrific job finishing!! And while you and your buddy may not ""fuck"" her, well...a divorce lawyer would probably see things differently!
Length: 22:51
Published: 04 Feb 2021

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